If you're like many Wilmington drivers, you probably don't think about your vehicle's belts and hoses. These parts tend to only come to mind when there's a problem. Squealing noises, poor performance and breakdowns are some of the results of belts and hoses that wear out or break. At Land Rover Cape Fear, we recommend that you make inspection of your engine's belts and hoses a part of your routine maintenance routine.

While accessory drive belts that power things like the alternator and air conditioning compressor could potentially last for years, it's a good idea to have them checked annually. Cracks, stretching, fraying or other signs of wear could indicate the need for a replacement.

There are various hoses in your engine. These include hoses for the power steering, air conditioning and radiator. The rubber can weaken due to exposure to hot fluids and years of use. Checking belts and hoses is a preventative measure that can save you the hassle of a breakdown or repair.

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