Although most of us don't want to plan on our vehicles breaking down, it is a wise decision to pack a roadside emergency kit just in case something does happen. However, most drivers in Wilmington, NC are unsure of exactly what should be placed in a roadside emergency kit in the event of a breakdown.

First, grab what most refer to as a "go bag." This can be a duffel-sized bag or a backpack, but it should be water-resistant. Some drivers may seek a backpack with molle attachments. One can add tools such as a larger flashlight, a small hatchet, or even a folding shovel - perfect if you are caught in several inches of snow and need to use a tool to dig out.

Other items to include in a roadside emergency kit include a bottle of water, snacks (however, you might want to consider an MRE), a multi-tool with screwdriver attachments, and a space blanket for warmth.

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